Have a problem?  Need it solved?   Use open competitions to tap into solutions that you haven’t even imagined. If you are a typical industry you have expensive issues that are costing you millions of dollars – and you are looking for solutions! We have a way of bringing innovation to business problems through harnessing the innovative wisdom of the crowd.  We call it an Innovation Challenge.

The process is simple:

We work with you to describe the issue AND what success looks like.
We then market and manage a competition for solutions.
You then select the winner.

But we know you need more than just great ideas, you need a way for them to become a long term, sustainable solution to your problem. We do that too! We work with the winners to flesh out their concepts, and develop them into solutions that provide value for you well into the future. With a proven track record we with work with the NATO Innovation Hub to conduct four very successful international NATO Innovation Challenges.  Give us a call to start solving your challenges today!